KRÄHENBÜHL Etienne. "Tocar no tocar".




Artist: Etienne Krähenbühl

Title: "Tocar no tocar"


Size: 27 x 21 x 0,5 cm.

Pages: 20

Illustrations: 19 

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Height27 cm.
Width21 cm.
Depth0,5 cm.

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The catalogue includes illustrations of exhibited works at the Galeria Joan Gaspar (Barcelona and Madrid). It begins with a brief introduction in Spanish, French and Catalan by Joan-Francesc Ainaud translated to English and French. Also it has an artist's CV and his short text about the exhibition in French.  


After two years at Lausanne Art School, Etienne Krähenbühl set off for Barcelona and Paris. Later he set up first in Agiez and then in a workshop in Romainmôtier (Switzerland) where he devoted his time to sculpture. Krähenbühl developed an autodidact way of metal’s modelling. The corrosion and oxidation made him to look for another Scientifics fields. A meeting with the physic Rolf Gotthard made him to discover the incredible shape-memory alloy and superelastic metals. It was a collaboration “which moving between science and poetry, delicacy and monumentality, gravity and lightness, led the artist to “test the limits of materials to bring out their movements and sounds from the depths of the earth” (Françoise Jaunin).

His work is always dynamic and invites a spectator to contemplate the movement, to listen different sounds, to touch and to play with it. It is, at the same time, monumental and fragile.

One of the central themes of Krähenbühl’s art is the time, the artist’s witness or his expression, the materialisation of his memory.

“For several years I have been preoccupied with the temporality of matter and the alteration that appear as matter endures its sojourn through time. Corrosion, wear, oxidation and traces of rust are my tools. Matter is fundamental for me; it reflects my thoughts and discoveries, it connects me to the external. It is a universe of expression and poetry while also representing weight and tragedy. To create in metal, to let it express its own voice, is a work of ceaseless struggle, wonder and play”. (Ettienne Krähenbüh)

He had individual exhibitions in many museums and galleries in France, Switzerland, Spain, Germany and USA. 

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