ISERN Jordi. Versus. 2008-2009




Artist: Jordi Isern

Title: "Versus" (catalogue from the exhibition that had a place at the Barcelona's gallery and Madrid's gallery)

Year: in October - November 2008 and  in April - May 2006

Than it was shown at the Instituto Cervantes: Tetuan (January - Ferbuary 2009) and Tanger (February - March 2009)

Size: 27 x 21 x 0,5 cm.

Páginas: 56

Ilustraciones: 16

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Height27 cm.
Width21 cm.
Depth0,5 cm.

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Attention! The colour that you see at you screen may vary from the original catalogue. 


The catalogue includes illustrations of exhibited works at the Galeria Joan Gaspar (Barcelona and Madrid) and at the Instituto Cervantes (Tetuan and Tanger). It begins with an introduction by José Manuel Toledo Jordan and a text by Eudald Camps in Catalan, translated to Spanish and English. This exhibition is a collaborative work between the artist Jordi Isern and the poet José Corredor-Matheos. In the catalogue you can find the illustrations accompanied by poetries. 

JORDI ISERN (Barcelona, 1962).

In 1985 Isern was awarded with a Generalitat Plastic Arts’s grant and in 1986 another one from the Güell Foundation. Since 1988 to 1999 he dedicated part of his time to the theoretical investigation. From 1989 to 1993 he travelled across Asia and finished his Phd The emptiness in the occidental painting, an approximation to the Buddhist aesthetics. He defined his work as tracks, signs, painting as body’s archaeology and at the same time as magical and intangible writing. The body as a map, a hieroglyphic which hides the body’s memory. He looks forward a confrontation between the material, obvious and visible with the immaterial, unobvious and invisible.

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