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Galeria Joan Gaspar

El paper de l'art


Galeria Joan Gaspar

participates into the magnificent project in Barcelona:

El paper de l'art.

It is a competition where anybody can win an artwort of 3.000 € of value.

For participating you should visit 20 galleries which takes part in the project with a special passport done precisely for you. Every gallery will stamp it. It is possible to do this route untill May, 24 (the first date of the passport's delivery is May, 17 but it is extended until the 24). On May 29 the raffle will be done between all participants who have completed their passport and have already delivered it to the first gallery.

Don't lose this unique opportunity!!!

You can take your passaport in our gallery or in one of the 19 galleries participating. You can find detailed information on the passports.