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Galeria Joan Gaspar


Friend since 1965 when he presented the first exhibition in Sala Gaspar, with Joan Fuster.

His time in life has been delicious, student, butcher, spearfishing champion, publicist, graphic designer who demonstrates in the design of catalogs and posters for exhibitions of his work, but above all else a great sculptor.


Of a luminous humanity, defender of freedom, he invigorated the culture in Valencia and was a great fighter against the Franco dictatorship.


He has exhibited his work in the Joan Gaspar Gallery in 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003 and now in 2018, together with the great exhibition in Valencia (Bancaja).


We present a trajectory of his work from 1961 to 1997.


  • Sant Jordi 2018
    Great promotions and free catalogs. Miró, Picasso, Mitoraj, Tàpies among others.
  • Summer vaccations 2018

    From Saturday 4th until monday 27th of August (both included), the gallery will be closed for summer vaccations.

  • Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair 2018
    We go at the art fair CI 2018. Online shop and the gallery will be closed from September 13th until 25th.


Original poster 75th annyversary of FCBarcelona (Miró) | BUY IT

Original commemorative poster from the 75th anniversay of the FCBarcelona, by Joan Miró. 99x69 cm.

5 Posters Aguilar Palace. Picasso Museum of Barcelona | BUY IT

5 original posters edited by de Picasso Museum of Barcelona.