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Galeria Joan Gaspar


ENRIQUE BRINKMANN (Málaga, 1938- )

At the age of 17 he started painting autodidactically. In 1957 Brinkmann presented his first exhibition in Malaga and founded the Picasso Group, together with other painters from Malaga. He collaborated regularly with the poetry magazine “Caracola”, making illustrations. He travelled through Europe participating in several individual and collective exhibitions. In 1966 he came back to Spain. Today, he lives in Malaga, dedicating his life to painting, drawing and engraving, developing his creativity in this last field. In 1994 he received The Engraving National Award from Calcografía Nacional (Madrid).

The Latest Brinkmann’s period shows his evolution away from figurative abstraction in paint and ink towards the adoption of steel net surfaces. Works from the late 1990s to 2002 display intense colour on the transparent net's surfaces, but from 2003 the purity of line becomes predominant. Each one of paintings of this peculiar artist is a half-opened door. What we see through it, is also half-seen. It is about knowing how to see, and moreover, of intuiting what could be behind the shadows. Brinkmann's painting reveals the ambiguity and the uncertainty of our time, but also something else, from the very bursting point of the moment of creation.

His works are present in many important public and private collection, such as: Albertina Museum (Viena), Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Madrid), The Fine Arts Museum (Bilbao), Museum of Modern Art (New York), Wallraf-Richartz-Museum (Cologne) etc.


BRINKMANN. Recent paintings and drawings.



ENRIQUE BRINKMANN 'Detrás de la sombra'

ENRIQUE BRINKMANN 'Detrás de la sombra'

ENRIQUE BRINKMANN 'Grabados y pinturas s/papel'

Enrique Brinkmann 'ITEM PERSPECTIVA'


Buscando el hilo conductor

Homage to Joan Gaspar 1941-2020


Graphic Works