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Galeria Joan Gaspar


JORGE CASTILLO. Born in Pontevedra in 1933.

His family emigrated to Argentina in 1934 for political reasons and didn't come back to Spain until 1956.

He started as a technique drawer and at the same time he wrote poems. In 1946 published his first stories. From 1958 his work gained recognition thanks to Galeria Biosca in Madrid, and afterwards in Europe and New York. Nowadays his artistic creation can be found in different museums on the world from USA to Jerusalem.

This multidisciplinary artist combines with success the discipline of writing and painting in different techniques, as well as engraving and sculpture. Probably, his most famous work is a triptych in huge dimensions named "Palomares", related about an incident with an atomic bomb lost in the Mediterranean sea near with Palomares (Almeria) during north-american militar manoeuvres.

The sculpture in big format is exhibited in public places in different European cities.


Joan Miró "Blanc i negre i algun color"

La Primavera


Graphic Works