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Galeria Joan Gaspar

- JUBANY Josep Lluís

JOSEP LLUÍS JUBANY (Barcelona, 1948).

Versatile creator, designer, painter, Jubany has a long artistic career, whose path is inseparable from other catalan artists active in the 1960’s. He takes part in a generation marked by experimentation. Trained as graphic designer at the innovative Escola Eina, in the 1970’s he took part in Estampa Popular beside Albert Ràfols – Casamada, Maria Girona, Josep Guinovart and Joan Hernández – Pijuan. In 1967, he founded the artistic collective Grupo A, with Ramón Herreros, Jordi Morera and Alexander Tornabell.  These is the decade when his own artistic style is defined, dominated by graphism, geometric order and depuration of form and color. His interest in cinema led him to film the movie “Imatge” in 1973 as well as to start a collaboration with the Filmoteca de Catalunya and several avant-garde magazines as  Destino, L’Art Voltaic and Àmpit.


J.LL.JUBANY 'Figueres'