IBARZ Miquel. 2001.




Artista: Miquel Ibarz

Title: The catalogue from the exhibition that had a place at the Galeria Joan Gaspar (Barcelona)

Year: October - November 2001 

Size: 27 x 21 x 0,5 cm. 

Pages: 68

Illustrations: 35 (photography: Jaume Blasi)

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Height27 cm.
Width21 cm.
Depth0,5 cm.

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The catalogue includes illustrations of exhibited works at the Galeria Joan Gaspar (Barcelona). It begins with an article by Àlex Mitrani in Catalan, translated to Spanish and English. Also it includes a biography from the artist.

MIQUEL IBARZ (Mequinenza, 1920 – Barcelona, 1987).

His family soon moved to Barcelona. At the end of the Civil War he confirmed his vocation and studied at the Fine Arts school. Painting was for him an interior need, a way to live, to respond, in the final analysis, to everyday realities. He introduced himself in artistic circles and befriended other artists who opted for an expressionistic and figurative modernism. In 1950 he participated in avant-garde exhibition. At that moment one of his obsessions was Paris, the city that was still the reference point for the art world. Ibarz obtained the concession of a scholarship to travel to French capital.

In 1954 his first individual was shown at Galerías Syra in Barcelona. American and Dutch galleries acquired Ibarz’s paintings, introducing it to international collections.

A trip to Italy in 1957 impressed him motivating a more sensual and colourful painting. In 1959 Sala Gaspar presented his first individual exhibition. Since that moment they represented his works in 1961, 1966, 1972, 1977, 1979, 1984 ... He developed the engraving field such as the etching and lithography.

Galeria Joan Gaspar dedicated him an exhibition in 2001 and has a large number of his work.

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