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MITORAJ Igor. Escultures. 1994

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Historical poster

Artist: Igor Mitoraj

Name: "Escultures 1978-1993”

Sizes: 69 x 47,5 cm. 

Printing method: offset 

Attention! The colour that you see at you screen may vary from the original poster. 

Tiny foxing spots may be present.

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Height69 cm
Width47,5 cm

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The poster from the exhibition of Igor Mitoraj's work at Galería Joan Gaspar in 1994.

IGOR MITORAJ (Oederan, Germany 1944 - Paris, France 2014)

After II World War Igor came back to Poland, his mother’s homeland. At 19 years old he started to study painting at Cracow Academy of Art, where he received a classically based education with Tadeus Kantor. In 1960’s  he dedicated himself basically to the painting, in 1967 he participated in the collective exhibition in Cracow.   

In 1968 he moved to Paris to continue studying at the National School of Fine Arts. In the beginning of 1970’s Mitoraj was interested in the Ancient South American culture, which influenced a lot to his art. He travelled to Mexico and than he decided to pay more attention to the sculpture. In 1974 he came back to Paris and in 1976 he had his first individual exhibition in Parisian gallery “La Hune” with great success. From that moment he worked exclusively with sculpture. 

He travelled to Italy where he discovered the marble as an element for his sculptures. In 1983 he set up his workshop in Pietrasanta (Toscana). Since then and until today he divides his activity between Italy and France

The classic style of his sculptures is view with the eyes of a modern artist who pretends to express himself with a richness perspective, a magical vision, surreal, fantastic and even traumatic. In his works, oneself can appreciated an exquisite treatment of the sculptural material, sensuality of the shapes, metaphorical surfaces with torture wrinkled condition, care for the patina and the light. Outstanding for their monumentality and magnificence, they are very appreciated for open air public exhibitions.

He had important individual public exhibitions in France, Italy, England, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, USA etc. His sculpture we can find in prestigious museums of Japan (Hakone Museum, The Tokio Sogo Bank), France (KPGM la Defense), England (British Museum), Italy (Uffici Museum, The Scala Theatre), USA (The Rozenkranz Foundation) etc. 

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