RIERA ROJAS Roc Antoni. Exposició a Sala Gaspar. Barcelona View larger

RIERA ROJAS Roc Antoni. Exposició a Sala Gaspar. Barcelona

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Historical poster

Artist: Roc Antoni Riera Rojas

Title:  Exhibition at Sala Gaspar

Year: December 1979 - January 1980 

Size: 69 x 54 cm.

Printing method: Offset

Edition: Original edition

Attention! The colour that you see at you screen may vary from the original poster. 

Tiny foxing spots may be present.

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Height69 cm.
Width54 cm.

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ROC ANTONI RIERA ROJAS (Barcelona 1913 – 1992).

He belongs to a catalan artistic generation that had to work for publishing company. Despite a brilliant professional carrier, had a scarce artistic recognition. Versatile creator, he deal with advertasing and painting.

Since his beginnings as ilustrator in 1934, his quality and artistic contributions - as well as the chromatic richness – were outstanding. He was one of those artists that worked hardly to dignify illustrations in children’s books as: Andersen’s tales, Snow queen, The little mermaid. He worked with the classics too, for exemple “The big wave” by Pearl S. Buck, “Don Quixote”, “In cold blood” by Truman Capote, “A happy death” by A. Camus.

For his paintings he used oil, watercolors, drawing, also with litography. In 1951 he showed a serie of landascapes at Sala Gaspar and in 1962 “Apuntes de ballet”. Later, in 1957, Sala Gaspar hosted lithographs of “toreros” and in 1961 figures and decorations for the ballet “La verbena del bailarín” by José Udaeta that was showed in Zurich.

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