JACOBS Marion. Collages / Collagen. 1994-1995.




Artist: Marion Jacobs

Title: "Collages / Collagen" (catalogue from the exhibition that had a place at the Galeria Joan Gaspar, Barcelona, and at the Galerie Dreiseitel, Köln)

Year: 1994/1995

Size:  28 x 19,5 x 0,5 cm.

Pages: 32

Illustrations: 57 (photography: Achim Bednorz)

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Height28 cm.
Width19,5 cm.
Depth0,5 cm.

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The catalogue includes illustrations of exhibited works at the Galeria Joan Gaspar (Barcelona) and the Galerie Dreiseitel (Köln). It begins with a brief introduction in German and Spanish by Brigitte Lohkamp.

MARION JACOBS (1943 Aachen, Alemanya – 2002 Köln, Alemanya).

After her studies in Art History she specialized in book trading. She created her first collage in 1977 and two years later she presented her first exhibition in Essilingen, Neckar. On the following years she exhibited in several galleries, mainly in Dreiseitel Gallery in Köln and Joan Gaspar Gallery in Barcelona. In her works we can find the reminiscence of the biggest figures of collage, such as Karl Schwiters, Max Ernst and the artists of the Berlin's dadaism: Hannah Höch and Raul Hausmann.

At the begining, Marion Jacobs experienced the collage for "the pleasure of confusing" and "the happiness of playing" but soon she realized her strength capacity of expression. These portraits don't correspond to a specific reproduction but they have the universal caracter of african masks.   

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